What is non consummate marriage?

Unconsummated marriage (honeymoon or wedding night impotence, first-night erectile dysfunction and failure of defloration) is a common medical and social problem facing medical practitioners in conservative communities. The definition of consummation usually refers to penile-vaginal sexual penetration. Unconsummated marriage (UM) is a condition where the couple in spite of being married and living together is unable to engage in sexual activity and have successful intercourse. This condition may exist among a couple for a variable duration.

What causes non consummate marriage?

Unconsummated marriage may be due to female partner in 67% of the cases, 7% males, and 26% both. Vaginismus was the most prominent cause in 81% of the cases, erectile dysfunction in 10.5%, premature ejaculation and penile deformities (micropenis ,penile curvatures and severe phimosis) in 5% of couples.


Can consummate marriage be treated effectively?

Treatment with multi-dimensional approach of  couplse includes methods like, educating the anatomy of female and male reproductive system, correcting misconceptions, educating foreplay, educating body exploring and non-sexual and sexual therapy.

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