What is penile Doppler test?

Color Doppler sonography can be useful in the evaluation of erectile dysfunction, which can result from psychogenic, endocrinologic, neurogenic, pharmacologic, and vasogenic causes.

 It is used to determine the integrity of the vascular mechanism. After an intracavernosal injection of a vasodilatory agent, color Doppler sonography is performed to evaluate cavernosal arteries and dorsal vessels. Color flow imaging allows direct visualization of intrapenile anatomy, vascular variants, and disease. 

How is penile Doppler test done?

The Doppler ultrasound test is done by your radiologist. You will lie down on an examination table. Your doctor may need to inject a medicine into the penis to cause an erection to see blood flow through the vessels.



Is penile Doppler test safe?

Penile Doppler ultrasound is a safe procedure in evaluating erectile dysfunction. The incidence of priapism, which is the most important complication of this procedure, is low and can be managed successfully with conservative approaches.

What does Doppler mean?

A Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive test that can be used to estimate the blood flow through your blood vessels by bouncing high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) off circulating red blood cells. A regular ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images, but can’t show blood flow

What can I expect from a penile ultrasound?

The injection will be given with a small, short needle. It might be slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. … If you have a curvature or other signs that you might have Peyronie’s disease, they will also take certain measurements of your penis

How long does it take to do a Doppler test?

It usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes. You can get results from a Doppler ultrasound very quickly. Sometimes, the person who runs the test is trained to do ultrasounds but isn’t a doctor.

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